About This Blog

I'm Tori. This is my blog.

I started blogging during my freshman year of college, the fall of 2000. This was before blogging was a thing, before Blogger was owned by Google, before people who sat next to your mother in church could find your blog.
The first three years of this blog were deleted. On purpose.
It was the best for everyone that those years of blogging become lost.

The archives of this website encompass the years from my last semesters of college when I was 22, single and kind of lost, up to today when I am 34, married, have FOUR kids, and a mortgage in the suburbs. I didn't always do a good job of being consistent in writing. There is heavy posting during the year I lived in Guatemala but dry spells scattered throughout, depending on what else was going on in my life.

This past year, I haven't written much, choosing other outlets for my (limited) free time. But writing is something I always wish I made more time for.

You can reach me at vseyler@gmail.com.