January 5, 2013

Valentine's Posters

Our guest bath has always been a thorn in my side as far as decorating goes. I hate the paint color, but not as much as I hate painting a bathroom. I've never been happy with any color bath linens I've tried in there, and I picked out random pictures during our first month of living here to hang on the wall. It's been a decorating failure for me for a long time.

Over the past year, we've painted a few different rooms and our hallway. I like the new colors a lot better, and I'm almost ready to tackle changing the color of the guest bathroom and repainting our living room/dining room area. When I finally got around to hanging pictures back up in the hallway and our bedroom, I decided to use our new printer to come up with a few extra art pieces to throw into the collage I put in our bedroom. I had a lot of fun browsing around and taking inspiration from things I saw on pinterest. I really liked the end result in our room, so I wanted to use it in other areas of our house.

So, I bought three cheap black 8.5x11 document frames to hang in the guest bath. I've been changing out the posters for the fall and for Christmas. Now, instead of hating the way the room looks every time I go in there, those three frames make me smile. I still need to paint in there and finally figure out what to do with the mammoth mirror and light fixture, but that's beyond my decorating talents for now.

Anyway, all that to say: Here's my three posters for Valentine's day. Let me know in the comments if you'd like a print without a copyright.

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