December 22, 2012

Christmas 2012

Earlier this evening, everyone in the car. Christmas music playing, boys wrapped in blankets, hot cocoa and cookies in hand. Driving around looking for ridiculously decorated lawns that make us all gasp. Luke has been pointing out every "Frosty" and "Santa" and "Baby Jesus" he's seen. We come to a stop sign and have to decide whether or not to leave our neighborhood to check out more lights.

Travis: So, Luke. Do you want to find more lights?
Luke: Nope.
Travis: Nope?! You don't want to see any more lights?
Luke: Nope.
Travis: Don't you like the lights, Luke?
Luke: Nope. I want to go home.


To his credit, he's has a cold since Thursday, and woke up from his nap today with his eyes glued shut with his very first case of Pink Eye. We persevered and traveled around for another 15 minutes or so, before he let us know that he really did want to go home. Poor guy. We are on lock down until the antibiotics kick in, hopefully in time for our early morning flight to Utah Tuesday morning.

I was thinking earlier this week about how I often don't sit down and carve out the time to write unless my world is in chaos or my heart is heavy. It makes for pretty unbalanced reporting on the state of my union. So today, despite Pink Eye and snotty noses, an update on how my boys have rocked this past month.

Knock on every piece of wood you can find, but I think we have finally left the Terrible Two's behind with Luke. He is talking constantly now, and I think it has eased some of his communication frustrations. We are at like 1-2 time outs a week instead of 1-2 every half hour. The change was gradual, but looking back, he's like a completely different kid. He's funny and sweet and has manners. His imaginative play has taken off and he's constantly warning you that a shark is going to bite your toes or that a ghost is hiding in the closet. He was convinced for a week that a Mr. Turkey was actually going to show up on Thanksgiving Day. And even though we don't talk about it much or push it with him, he can talk all day about Santa and reindeer and Frosty the snowman. I can't wait for him to experience Christmas.

As for Sam, well, check this out:

If you ask him to say Mama, he'll say Dada. Ask for Dada, and he'll say Mama. And then he laughs. He's like a comedian with only one joke. He's still only just imitating sounds, but considering how long we had to wait for Luke to start talking, Sam seems right on track for us.
He's eating like a champ, an all-star, amazing, super, awesome champ. Quite frankly, he's eating better and more well rounded meals than anyone else in this house. It has been my best Christmas present, by far. Although, it is tough to compete with the all-clear we were given this week from his cardiologist. For the first time since the day he was born, we don't have a single cardiology appointment on our calender. He got moved from 3 month check-ups to yearly, and we couldn't be more excited. His post-op murmur closed up and all the results from his EKG and ultrasound were great. We will check in on his pacemaker the week after Christmas, but we don't expect to learn anything new at that appointment.

2012 is a year that started off rough for us, dealing with all of Sam's health issues, the daily hourly battles of will with Luke, and all of us adjusting to the changes with work for Travis and I. But we are ending on a high note. So let's leave it at that.

Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth peace, Goodwill toward all Men.
Merry Christmas.