August 23, 2012

Call Me Maybe

So, as I've written about before, every year we go on vacation with Travis's best friends and their families. A trip that originally began with three young seminarians has morphed into a 13 person entourage that requires at least 5 bedrooms, 3 cars, and a 2 hour trip to the grocery store.

Luckily, we've got this down to a science now that we have officially been outnumbered by the kids 7 to 6. For the first time ever, we returned to the same house we rented last year. The number of bedrooms needed and the budgets dictated by three clergy families doesn't leave a lot of options for rental homes in the Eastern United States. For a couple of different reasons, one of which was Sam's appointment at Levine's on Tuesday (more on that later), we decided to return to Ivanhoe, Virginia for vacation this year.

Ivanhoe, VA is not your typical vacation destination, I know. It's not close to any big attractions or things like beaches, but the house makes up for the isolation. It literally is located in the middle of a cow pasture, 20 minutes away from the closest store, but it has a pool and a swing set and a ton of room for 7 kids to run around.

Since we knew what to expect from the location, we planned ahead on activities to entertain the kiddos. We've had a carnival day, outdoor movie night, and destination picnic day. Still on tap is a joint birthday party for all the kids since we don't get to celebrate with one another because we live so far apart.

Today was "Call Me Maybe" video day.

Too much fun, my friends. Too much fun.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I love it!! What a fun group of friends!! I seriously love that you all did this!