June 6, 2012

Tickle Monster

To understand this story, you first need to know two things:

1. Luke sleeps hard during his afternoon nap. Like you could drag him across the room by his ankles without him waking up hard. So, when he does finally wake up, it usually takes him anywhere from 2-10 minutes to really snap out of it. It's one of the few cuddle times I can regularly predict with him. However, once his brain has fully joined the party, it's like a switch has been flipped and he is ON. Ready to GO.

2. I am ticklish. Like really ticklish. ANNOYINGLY ticklish. Over at least 60% of my body. Alright, more like 75%. To use all that ACT prep from about 15 years ago, I came up with the following analogies: The Pope is to Catholic as Tori is to Ticklish. Cheese is to Amazing as Tori is to Ticklish. Dawson's Creek reruns being put on Netflix is to I have plans for every nap time as Tori is to Ticklish. You get the point.

So, last Saturday afternoon, Sam and I were playing on my bed when Luke came stumbling out of his room after nap time. He climbed onto the bed with us and cuddled into our little pile of blankets and bodies. He stayed this way for about 5 minutes, while he let Sam play with his fingers. He then suddenly sat up and I knew our cuddle time was over, Luke was officially awake. I started to climb out of bed to go find something to do, when he looked at me with his little impish grin and gleaming eyes and said, "TOES, Ma! Toes!" He then proceeded to tickle the bottom of my feet.

He has never done this before, so to say I was ill prepared was an understatement.

I may or may not have kicked him in the stomach as I desperately tried to get away.

Luckily, he thought it was all part of the game and just attacked again.

Have you seen this pin on pinterest? I think I may need to get Luke to sign a copy of it as part of a contract in understanding that I just have no control over what my body does when you come after me with your fingers all splayed and a wicked gleam in your eye. No control.

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