June 16, 2012

Play It Again, Sam

We've had this exersaucer since Luke was little, and while he would tolerate it for a few minutes at a time, Sam has fallen in love. We like it for the physical therapy aspects of it, so he gets to spend time in it pretty frequently. One of the little stations is a circle with pictures of animals on it. If you hit it once, you get the animal noise. The second bap gets you the animal's name, the third is the animal's name in Spanish. The fourth time you hit it, you get a song. However, if you hit it while the song is playing, it will stop and start all over again with the animal noise.

I realized the other day, when Travis had gotten up with Sam particularly early one morning, that Sam has this thing down to a science. I laid in bed, listening to him BAP BAP BAP BAP until he got to the song, let the song run it's course and then BAP BAP BAP BAP again. He must have done it 5 times in a row before I finally dozed back off.

In other news: Teeth! His second bottom tooth is making it's appearance this weekend. While we were completely surprised by finding the first tooth, this one has made it's presence known to one and all. Aren't you glad you can't remember what it was like to go through teething?

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  1. Hearing the music after the BAP BAP BAP BAP, reminded me of Summer 2005 when I was a nanny in DC and heard that song over and over and over again on the Baby Einstein DVD! Karen