June 2, 2012

Family Portrait Time: Beach Attempt

Let's just start with the best one...everyone is mostly looking at the camera and has a generally pleasant expression on their face.This is as good as it got. But just for the heck of it, let's see the outtakes.

2 looking at the camera, one trying to pull Mom's hair, the other totally distracted.

No one looking at the camera and DANG that really hurts!

1 looking at camera, 1 trying to get the baby to smile, 1 watching grandparents goof off behind the camera, and 1 feeling victorious about getting in that good hair pull.

2 for sure looking at the camera, one smiling at wayward grandparent jumping around on the sand, and one who is just about DONE with this picture taking thing. 

I mean, really DONE.

Windy hair, kind-of-smiling-but-maybe-just-squinting baby, petulant toddler, wrestling Dad.

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