June 25, 2012

I Bless the Rains Down in Africa

My younger brother and 7 other students from his medical school are in Kenya this summer. He's a much better writer than I, so keep up with his musings as he learns about life in a Kenyan hospital.


June 24, 2012

Trying New Things

Last week, we took it upon ourselves to teach Luke how to give a thumbs up. At first, he didn't quite get the idea and kept making finger guns. He then moved on to manually folding his fingers down one by one with his other hand. He really had to concentrate to get it done.
After a while, he was able to do it without using both hands. If he ever runs for office, I'm totally pulling this out to use on campaign posters.
Vote for Luke Norton 2045!

In other news, I got excited the other day that after hardcore water fun in the backyard, he was finally going to eat his first ice cream cone. We've tried and tried to interest him in ice cream, popsicles, push-up pops, etc. and so far, he hasn't even wanted to taste them. Just the sight of them alone has him shaking his head and clamping his lips together. It just seems so...strange? un-American? wrong? that my toddler doesn't like any kind of frozen treat. I mean, seriously, what am I supposed to use as bribes now?!
Sadly, those few licks are all that he ate. Shortly after I stopped filming, he dropped it and Henry wasted no time in cleaning it off the deck. The empty cup next to him? Unsweetened apple sauce. Who eats applesauce over ice cream?! Oh well. At least he'll still have that cute smile without any cavities for when he does decide to rule the world.

June 16, 2012

Play It Again, Sam

We've had this exersaucer since Luke was little, and while he would tolerate it for a few minutes at a time, Sam has fallen in love. We like it for the physical therapy aspects of it, so he gets to spend time in it pretty frequently. One of the little stations is a circle with pictures of animals on it. If you hit it once, you get the animal noise. The second bap gets you the animal's name, the third is the animal's name in Spanish. The fourth time you hit it, you get a song. However, if you hit it while the song is playing, it will stop and start all over again with the animal noise.

I realized the other day, when Travis had gotten up with Sam particularly early one morning, that Sam has this thing down to a science. I laid in bed, listening to him BAP BAP BAP BAP until he got to the song, let the song run it's course and then BAP BAP BAP BAP again. He must have done it 5 times in a row before I finally dozed back off.

In other news: Teeth! His second bottom tooth is making it's appearance this weekend. While we were completely surprised by finding the first tooth, this one has made it's presence known to one and all. Aren't you glad you can't remember what it was like to go through teething?

June 13, 2012

Growth spurt

March 2012

May 2012
Apparently, while we've been concentrating on sitting and upper body strength in Physical Therapy, and on swallowing solid foods in Speech Therapy, Sam's focus has been on growing some hair. Too bad that wasn't on his IFSP. It would have been nice to check something off!

June 6, 2012

Tickle Monster

To understand this story, you first need to know two things:

1. Luke sleeps hard during his afternoon nap. Like you could drag him across the room by his ankles without him waking up hard. So, when he does finally wake up, it usually takes him anywhere from 2-10 minutes to really snap out of it. It's one of the few cuddle times I can regularly predict with him. However, once his brain has fully joined the party, it's like a switch has been flipped and he is ON. Ready to GO.

2. I am ticklish. Like really ticklish. ANNOYINGLY ticklish. Over at least 60% of my body. Alright, more like 75%. To use all that ACT prep from about 15 years ago, I came up with the following analogies: The Pope is to Catholic as Tori is to Ticklish. Cheese is to Amazing as Tori is to Ticklish. Dawson's Creek reruns being put on Netflix is to I have plans for every nap time as Tori is to Ticklish. You get the point.

So, last Saturday afternoon, Sam and I were playing on my bed when Luke came stumbling out of his room after nap time. He climbed onto the bed with us and cuddled into our little pile of blankets and bodies. He stayed this way for about 5 minutes, while he let Sam play with his fingers. He then suddenly sat up and I knew our cuddle time was over, Luke was officially awake. I started to climb out of bed to go find something to do, when he looked at me with his little impish grin and gleaming eyes and said, "TOES, Ma! Toes!" He then proceeded to tickle the bottom of my feet.

He has never done this before, so to say I was ill prepared was an understatement.

I may or may not have kicked him in the stomach as I desperately tried to get away.

Luckily, he thought it was all part of the game and just attacked again.

Have you seen this pin on pinterest? I think I may need to get Luke to sign a copy of it as part of a contract in understanding that I just have no control over what my body does when you come after me with your fingers all splayed and a wicked gleam in your eye. No control.

June 2, 2012

Family Portrait Time: Beach Attempt

Let's just start with the best one...everyone is mostly looking at the camera and has a generally pleasant expression on their face.This is as good as it got. But just for the heck of it, let's see the outtakes.

2 looking at the camera, one trying to pull Mom's hair, the other totally distracted.

No one looking at the camera and DANG that really hurts!

1 looking at camera, 1 trying to get the baby to smile, 1 watching grandparents goof off behind the camera, and 1 feeling victorious about getting in that good hair pull.

2 for sure looking at the camera, one smiling at wayward grandparent jumping around on the sand, and one who is just about DONE with this picture taking thing. 

I mean, really DONE.

Windy hair, kind-of-smiling-but-maybe-just-squinting baby, petulant toddler, wrestling Dad.