May 12, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

It's Saturday night and I am utterly exhausted. It's been quite the weekend in the Norton household. It was a wedding weekend for Travis, so he was gone for the afternoon/evenings both nights Friday and Saturday. We have company arriving tomorrow, and I used it as an excuse and motivation for tackling deep cleaning our house. Throw in a few extra projects that I foolishly started and didn't complete (Welcome to my home! Just step over that huge pile of painting supplies in front of the guest bedroom...We meant for the hallway to be two different colors when you arrived!), and it was deep cleaning to a whole new level.

The boys and I had good afternoons despite being on our own. We picnicked outside for dinner last night, and had an hour long bath time with shaving cream painting tonight. My tub has never been so clean! (Nor has the floor, after mopping up the entire bucket of water Luke knocked over while I was holding Sam!)

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I get to celebrate it by having my husband only work a 6 hour Sunday instead of a 12, getting to spend the afternoon with my sweet college roommate and introduce her to my Sam, and by hopefully (ahem) not touching a dish or load of laundry or vacuum and having my house as clean as it is right now when I go to bed tomorrow night. The only thing I ever really want for Mother's Day is the day off from being a mother (Can I get an Amen from all the mother's of toddlers out there?!). This year, since our weekend was so packed, I'm postponing my day off until we head to the beach in two weeks. That way I get a day off in sun and sand, and Travis gets backup from the grandparents. Win-Win. Done.

I'm heading to bed, but before I go, two things that made this Mother's Day weekend for me:

1. Sam has been doing this all afternoon. After spending so much time and effort trying to get him to stay on his belly for any length of time, watching him roll over all on his on and hang out there is immensely satisfying to see. (The video is being edited, so sorry for the sideways head tilt. It'll be straighten soon!)

2. This morning, not long after I had gotten up, Luke crawled into my lap while I was sitting at the computer desk. While rearranging himself to properly cuddle in, he accidentally knocked over his bowl of dry cheerios. He gasped, as only my over-dramatic son can do, and jumped down to pick them up. And without any prompting from me, started saying/singing, "Keen up. Keen up. Erry body. Keen up." (Translated: Clean up, clean up, everybody, clean up.")
This is awesome on so many levels. First, preschool is amazing. Second, after 2 and a half years, Luke has finally started to talk/repeat what he hears. It is so good to hear his little voice.

And that's it for me. Go call your Mother.

Happy Mother's Day, y'all!

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