April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Y'All

Our sweet friends invited us over for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt after church today. Luke was much more interested in checking out his loot egg by egg as he found them, but we finally convinced him to just grab and go. Didn't take him long to get tired of that.

Sam slept through the entire thing.

Our Easter morning went off without a hitch, both boys were well behaved during church and cute in their matching outfits, the Easter Egg Hunt was a success, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE, hallejuah) got a good nap this afternoon, and Sam ate entire bowl of oatmeal for dinner in under 10 minutes and didn't push any of it back out (See here why that is an Easter Miracle all on it's own).

I'd say it was a pretty fantastic day. Hope you had as blessed an Easter as we did.

He is Risen, indeed!

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