March 27, 2012

Still Oxygizing

We are still at the hospital with poor Baby Sam. On top of the pneumonia, his viral panel showed that he had Rhino virus (the common cold) and Metapneumovirus (apparently, the virus du jour for all discerning infant palates). While the pneumonia aspect seemed to be getting better by Saturday afternoon, the viruses have kind of a latent punch to them that doesn't kick in until day 4...also known as Sunday. So, we upped his oxygen, and started all over again.

By Monday, I finally got a smile out of him, and by this afternoon, he was acting like his normal, happy baby self. That is, unless any medical personnel in a face mask came near him...because that meant someone was going to suck out his nose or squirt sticky pink stuff in his mouth and he was OVER both of those things happening.

We are down to .25 liter of oxygen, which is hardly anything compared to where we started last Friday, so we are hoping for another good night and maybe a discharge on Thursday.

It's been a long week. Thanks for thinking of us and talking to God about us. He listened and we felt it.

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  1. Aw, that sweet little face. Hope he keeps feeling better and better!