March 7, 2012

3:21 Day 7

Today is Spread the Word to End the Word Day. If you check out the sidebar, you'll see the button that will take you to There you can take an online pledge to remove the word "retard" and all it's variations from your vocabulary.

If you look at my son and other children and adults like him and can only focus on their mental disabilities, how are you ever going to see anything else about them?

I'll be honest, before I had a child with Down Syndrome, I didn't think twice about calling someone or a situation retarded. It was part of my vocabulary. I had no idea what that word felt like to someone who has a child with a mental disability or limitation. Now I know. And now, I'm doing my best to take that word out of my mouth. My mind. My world. Even though you may not personally know someone with Down Syndrome or have a family member who has to deal with a mental disability, I encourage you to watch the following videos and see if you still feel the same way about the word "retarded" when you are done.

"Just because you are different, doesn't mean you aren't amazing."

Check out the R-Word website for other ways you can encourage others to Spread the Word to End the Word.

Two more weeks until World Down Syndrome Day!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I totally stand behind this. My pledge didn't take but I'll try again later. I'm enjoying all your posts!