March 6, 2012

3:21 Day 6

Today, you get to watch little Sam in action. 

To begin with, an apology: I am not a cinematographer and I have completely butchered these videos. I always forget to turn my phone the right way when I use it for video and have to rely on YouTube to flip it around. I was in a rush to catch Sam being cute in the second one and completely ignored the too bright light coming in from the window and did not have time to pick up my embarrassingly dirty living room floor. I hope I don't give you motion sickness with all the shaking and too fast turns. Also, I have no idea how to pause video or edit out the part where I switch the pieces while feeding him. There is a reason why I stick to writing and leave videos to other blogs.

First up is an attempt to show you what it's like to feed Samuel solid foods. I've talked before about how we do speech therapy once a this point, it's mainly feeding therapy. While that session only lasts about an hour, I then have to take what I've learned and incorporate it into our daily routine. At first, our goal was to help Samuel learn to breastfeed. After pumping for 4 or 5 months, and with him spending so much time in the hospital, my milk supply completely vanished. I even took all the herbal supplements and pumped around the clock, but to no avail. Samuel was never able to get the coordination and endurance needed to effectively nurse. While I still struggle with feeling like a failure over my inability to breastfeed him, I'm trying to let go of that guilt. We moved on to helping him learn to take a bottle more effectively. It used to take him a long time to finish a feeding, and half of it would end up leaking out of his mouth. I'm proud to say that he can chug a bottle like a pro now and we've crossed that particular goal off our service plan. Go Sam!

We've since moved on to working with solid foods. A couple of times a day, Travis or I sit down with Sam and go through the following routine:
He makes faces like that no matter what kind of food I give him. Even though it's frustrating, it's still pretty funny. Also, I promise he doesn't choke like that all the time. Just when I plan on showing it to the internet. He has good days and bad days with feeding. Today wasn't such a great day, but at least you can get a glimpse into what our life looks like on a daily basis and the challenges we face in even the smallest things, like feeding. Knowing that we've seen him progress so well in bottle feeding gives me hope that one day soon we'll be able to check this goal off our list, too. 

And now a little cuteness to balance it all out.

And as always....check out NDSS and DSI for tips and suggestions to help celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st!

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  1. "It's Like I'm feeding him broccoli or something!" He and Uncle Michael have a similar reaction when encountering that particular food item ;)