March 21, 2012

3:21 Day 21!!

Check out Big Brother Luke sporting his 3:21 shirt in the NDSS video!
If you missed it, at 00:34, Luke makes his appearance!

Going to the preschool this morning was so amazing. All the kids were dressed in their yellow and blue, with homemade 3:21 ribbons pinned to their shirts. They loved seeing Baby Sam and would have kissed all over him if Travis would have let them. 
(Luke sat still for maybe 3 seconds of the whole 30 minutes we were there. He kept getting up mostly so that he could go raid the candy bowl that's on the desk in the office or get the maracas out of the choir room. It's totally not fair for the preschool that they have to handle the pastor's kid who has the whole building figured out!)

Sam was a champ throughout the whole time and Travis did a great job explaining to the kids about how Samuel is more like them than he is different. In fact, I'm not sure the kids knew he was different at all. Although, I did like the little girl who pointed out how much she liked his ears. I like them, too.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

*Pictures blurred intentionally. If I were a better photographer, I could have done this better, but I'm working with a pretty limited skill set here!

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  1. I thought about you and your family all day yesterday! I am truly enjoying your blog.