March 20, 2012

3:21 Day 20

If you haven't already placed the PicBadge on your Facebook profile yet, here's the link again so you can be ready for tomorrow! It's easy to place and easy to remove, so think about adding it just for tomorrow!

It's been so cool to see our friends and family add it to pictures these past few weeks. It's just another little reminder to me that you love my son and my family. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Thanks so much for sticking with me through these last few weeks of blogging. I hope you've learned something about Down Syndrome...I know it's been so good for me to put my thoughts and feelings about this journey down in writing. This is just our beginning, I know that. But it's a good reminder to me for the years to come, when my brain gets overloaded with facts and theories and statistics.

Now, I've had a certain baby with Down Syndrome coughing on my chest for the last hour and a half and he's finally gone to sleep, so I'm going to follow his lead.

Thanks again for reading, for sending your kids to preschool tomorrow wearing yellow and blue, for adding a silly badge to your Facebook, for buying t-shirts for your kids, for commenting, for sharing facts about Down Syndrome with your world, for following our journey and uplifting us with your prayers and your thoughts and your support. It means more than I can say to us. You are amazing.

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