March 19, 2012

3:21 Day 19

Yeah! Only 2 more days until World Down Syndrome Day (...and the end of daily posting! Can you tell I've run out of things to write about??)!

We held off on putting Luke in preschool when he turned two because he wasn't potty trained. And while he's not fully there yet with nap times and overnight, he's doing pretty darn good with the whole thing now. So, when the preschool let us know there would be an opening for the last 6 weeks of this year, we jumped all over that. With his speech delays and high energy levels, school is just what I can't wait for he needs.

The preschool we are sending him to is located within our church, so he'll be down the hall from where Travis' office is located. It's going to make my life so much easier to just send them both out the door twice a week, and have a couple of mornings with just me and Sam.

Once a week, Travis and our music director have chapel for the kids where they sing songs and learn about a Bible story or lesson.This week, the preschool director let Travis know that they were going to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day at the school on Wednesday. All the kids are going to wear yellow and blue, and Samuel is going to make his first public appearance as an advocate for Down Syndrome Awareness during chapel.

It is so awesome to me that this school, that we aren't even enrolled in yet, has embraced my family and wants to help be our champion. Way to go, CIC Preschool!

For ideas about how you can help celebrate, as always...check out NDSS or DSI!

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