March 18, 2012

3:21 Day 18

It's been a busy Sunday for us today in the Norton household. Travis was at work for roughly 12 hours, Luke decided to wake up 2 hours early, and both boys have still been fighting off some bug that makes them cranky and unpredictable. Fun was had by all.

Sorry to send you to other places again, but there is just not any brain power left, my friends. I'm fried.Check out NDSS's page for things to do for WDSD.

One of my favorite things on that page is the Time's Square Video Montage. Check it out. It's so great to see the different faces of children, teens, and adults living with Down Syndrome.

We'll be back tomorrow with some more pictures and a few more posts to end my 21 days of blogging for World Down Syndrome Day, March 21st!

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