March 13, 2012

3:21 Day 13

Luke took a break from his busy morning of cutting the grass to model his 3:21 shirt for you. 
Even though Luke just has two 21st chromosomes, Down Syndrome is forever going to be part of his life, too. Right now, he is blissfully unaware of Down Syndrome and any of its effects on his little brother. He couldn't care less that Sam has an extra chromosome. 
I don't know what it's going to mean for Luke's life that his little brother has Down Syndrome.
 I do know that dimple and those brown eyes are going to cause a mess of trouble for me and a lot of teenage girls in about 10 years. It should be against the law for a preacher's kid to have dimples. 
This is what I hope for for my two boys: That they watch out for each other. That they love each other. That they build elaborate blanket forts in the living room and save the Earth from invading aliens in the backyard. That they have someone to commiserate with when they are frustrated that moms insist on taking baths and brushing their teeth. EVERY DAY. 
While I know that there isn't a magic wand I can wave over Luke and have him be okay with all the things that Down Syndrome will bring into his life, I do know that he loves his little brother. I think that will be enough to get him through all the rest.

Order your own 3:21 t-shirt here. Check out NDSS and DSI for more information about World Down Syndrome Day, March 21st!


  1. Good camera work! Especially on a moving target :)

  2. Oh, this made me tear up a bit for sure. I used to nanny for a family who has two girls, the youngest has Down Syndrome. I think the love was enough. I never saw anything to indicate it wasn't. I'm sure there were moments of frustrations and questions, but those moments didn't ever seem to outweigh the rest. I believe, to the eldest daughter, her sister was just her sister, just like our siblings just are who they are. If anything, there was may an extra protectiveness, or maybe it wasn't that extra, I think all eldest are protective of their younger siblings (I know I am). I hope the very best for them (and you guys) too.

    Also, that dimple is totally going to be trouble. :)