February 28, 2012

Pinterest Has Taken Over My Life

Like everyone else, I've been completely sucked into Pinterest the past few months. While I've always wished to be this talented, crafty person, it wasn't until Pinterest came into my life that I ever had any success at turning my great ideas into actual crafts that I was willing to show anyone. 

It all started at Christmas, when I was trying to find a way to decorate my mantel. While this wasn't an exact pin I saw, it was the basic idea of a couple of different pins using other materials. The snowflakes are just what I found at Michael's and I staggered them across the fireplace and hung them with pretty red and white ribbon. It was also my first attempt at using a glue gun. Which, honestly, petrified me. But I survived with very few burns! 
(This is a picture from my phone, sorry about the quality!)

With a little success under my belt, I started browsing with a little more interest at the DIY stuff out there. While much of it is beyond my abilities, I've started collecting projects that I feel like depend more on clever ideas than actual talent.

We painted our bedroom a few months ago, back when we were knee deep in the ICU and pacemakers and pediatric cardiology, and I needed something fun to think about. After Travis finished turning our blue walls gray, I felt like we had a blank slate for decorating. I changed out our duvet cover for a solid white one that I found on clearance at Lands End. I really wanted yellow curtains, but after scouring the internet and local stores, the only curtains I could find that I liked were way out of my price range. So, I pulled out my sewing machine and decided to tackle them myself. I'm not a great seamstress and have rarely ventured outside of making simple pillows, I felt even I could handle curtains.

Following this guide, I turned this fabric, into these curtains:

As long as you don't look closely at any of the hems, they are great! And at $8 a yard and needing only 5 yards for two large curtains, it was much more affordable than the designer curtains I had found.

Most of our furniture in our bedroom is a hodge-podge of hand me downs and leftovers from childhood rooms. We don't have the money to replace everything with a matching set yet, but it's been fairly low on the list of priorities right now. But, after Luke broke a couple of lamps, we were in desperate need of some new (sturdy/fairly indestructible) ones. So, the addition of matching bedside lamps were a nice indulgence for us.

While my husband was very willing to accommodate my insistence on yellow curtains, he did request that I put yellow somewhere else in the room. The room is still very much in progress, but I'm adding small details as I find them. The walls are completely bare, and while I'm still looking for new artwork and trying to frame some pictures, I haven't come up with much yet.

I saw this pin and really liked the concept. However, when she got to the point where she said she free-handed the petals, I was a little leery to try it. Knowing my limitations in crafting do not include "free-handing" anything, I figured out a way to make a similar project with very little room for user error. I bought a coordinated booklet of scrap booking paper and a multi-circle stencil from Michael's and used it to create a flower. 

I've seen a lot of other interpretations of this idea and they are way better than mine...but mine was pretty fool proof, so I will just accept my crafting limitations and be happy with what I got. 

My last craft was a super easy one. I just bought the cross stitch hoops from Michael's for like $1 each and then used fabric remnants that I had leftover from a pillow making spree last summer. It literally took me 5 minutes to make them and hang them up in my bathroom. Since I'm completely surrounded by boys, I figured it was time to girly-up at least one room in my house!

I know you've been scoping out Pinterest, too. Have you attempted anything yet?