November 13, 2011

An Update

I thought it was going to be so nice to slip back into our normal (non-hospital) routine this week. Just like pulling on your favorite pair of jeans that have that tear on the back pocket and fit in all the right places.

Instead, it was like trying on your jeans from high school 2 weeks after giving birth. You know you used to fit in them, but nothing is where it is supposed to be and you aren't quite sure how you'll ever be able to breath again.

It was kind of a rough week.

BUT! Thankfully, none of it was a medical emergency or involved staring at monitors. After a quiet Friday and Saturday, I thought I was ready to face our week of Travis going back to work full time and me taking on the kids full time. However, by Tuesday afternoon, I wanted to throw in the towel and rent the house down the street for the Grandmothers to move in to.

In all the chaos of our month in the hospital, I'd forgotten just how hard it is to care for 2 kids this young at the same time. Samuel is doing very well, but he is still fragile and on certain restrictions because of his sternotomy. For the first 3 or 4 days at home, he was still needing some pain medication to help keep him comfortable. Mostly, it was just Tylenol. He's continued to have some trouble with his stomach and that was probably part of his problem. It was hard to know which was bothering him. So, in order to cover my bases, he got Tylenol and a little glycerin. After filling up a few diapers, he seemed much happier.

You can tell that he is still sore, and will cry after he coughs or sneezes. As the week progressed, it has lessened. Now, he just sort of grimaces after something like that. He hasn't had any pain medication for a while and seems to be healing well. He's still not super comfortable with being on his stomach or on your shoulder, so it can be awkward to carry him around. But just today, he took a nap on my shoulder in church and seemed pretty content, so maybe we are going to turn that corner this week!

Luke has been excited to have his little world back to normal. He is definitely TWO now and spends each day alternately delighting me with his wonder and clever antics, and frustrating me to no end with his stubbornness and trouble making. He's reaching all these milestones of things like learning how to put on his shoes and spit after brushing his teeth. But, he's also figured out a way to rig the furniture so that he can catapult himself into Sam's crib, regardless of whether Sam is in there or not. He doesn't seem to understand the concept that we all just went through a nightmare to make sure his little brother gets to a chance to be healthy and whole, and that we would prefer if he didn't succumb to Death By Toddler.

We have survived, though, so I shouldn't complain too much. Samuel is doing better, Luke will eventually learn, and I am going to bed.

Coming next week: The endless parade of doctor's appointments resumes! Geneticist, Pediatrician, and Surgeon, Oh My!

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