November 4, 2011

Day 24: The LAST Day

When I brought Luke to the hospital this morning to trade off with Travis, it was obvious that our frustration levels were beginning to get out of control. It seemed like we were going to be stuck in the hospital, not because Samuel needed to be there, but because he was too wiggly to get an accurate reading of his oxygen. The monitor is attached to his little toes/fingers or feet/hand and when he's feeling good and waving around, it is nearly impossible to get a good reading. The numbers go all over the place or it just gives up trying and beeps until he slows down again. It has been a pain to deal with the entire time we've been in the hospital, but was truly annoying now that it was the only thing keeping us there.

Abour 15 minutes after we tagged out and Travis left with Luke, the nurse came in and told me the glorious news that they were discharging us. Since I'd been out of the loop for the morning, I didn't realize just how close they were to making the decision and had already settled in for the day.

The nurse then turned off that blasted monitor, peeled off his leads, and let me hold my baby, completely untethered for the first time in what felt like forever. We could move around the room. We could sit on the couch to feed. We could walk down the hall. It was awesome.

It, of course, took forever to get the paperwork finished and to meet with the doctors one last time. I knew we wouldn't be let go immediately, but those two hours seemed to be an eternity.

FINALLY, around 2 o'clock, I pulled away from the hospital with a baby in the back seat. I kept feeling like I was doing something scandalous. Like any minute, they would come running out and take him away from me again.

Luckily, no one called me back and we made it home safe and sound. Samuel is amazing and is acting like a completely normal baby. He's been happy and smiley and hungry today. He gets a little fussy about 30 minutes before his next dose of Tylenol, but I don't blame him. The kid has had two surgeries in less than 3 weeks and he has handled it all so well. I would have been complaining and whining and popping narcotics as fast as they would give them to me. But Sam...he just needs a little Tylenol and he's just fine.


I've been kind of giddy all evening. Luke has been so excited to have both of his parents here at the same time. He sat at the dinner table with us tonight and kept looking back and forth between the two of us and grinning. He's not a very verbal kid, but it was evident in his delight and demeanor that he was glad his world was back to normal.
Me too, kid. Me too.


  1. Okay, I teared up reading this awesome post. I am so happy you have your little family under one roof again and that sweet little Sam is on the road to complete recovery. I know this has been an exhausting ordeal, but you've all handled this stress like soldiers! God has been so very good and we will continue with prayers for the peace that passes all understanding...and some REST!

  2. Travis and Tori,
    We've been following along on your blog- and I have to admit that I teared up today, too! I know the unreal feeling of having a baby in the backseat after the weeks of waiting to bring him/her home. My kids have asked to pray for "baby Samuel" in the mornings for a while now. I'm excited to tell them he is home with you.
    Praising God!
    Aaron and Tori

  3. I am as excited about the feelings conveyed through this post as if it were happening to myself. I am sooo excited that you get to not be at the hospital EVERY day anymore. Enjoy!