November 3, 2011

Day 23

Still in the hospital.


But still here.

All we need at this point is for Samuel's oxygen saturation levels to stabilize when he's off the oxygen. He's doing better, but wasn't consistent enough for discharge. By this afternoon, he was pretty good in the 88-92 range. They would prefer mid to upper 90's. It will come. We struggled with this some after the last surgery. It seems to be taking a little longer this time, though.

Bizarrely enough, this surgery is apparently more painful to recover from. The extra incision is right at the top of his belly, so with every breath, it moves. His pain levels are improving and he is much more comfortable, so he's taking deeper breaths and is moving around more. When I came in this morning, Travis had him on his shoulder doing some "vigorous" patting, trying to help loosen up his lungs. I continued to get him out of bed during the day and help him sit up more. It really seemed to help his breathing. I'm glad he feels better and is acting more normal again. 

Travis spent the night last night and handled the constant interruptions better. I stayed at the hospital for about 10 hours today, and Travis is back for another night. Now that our Grandma Day Care has closed up shop, we are on 12 hours shifts, switching between the two boys. I really hope he will be totally weaned off the oxygen overnight and we will be heading home tomorrow.

I am beyond ready to bring this cute kid home.

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