November 2, 2011

Day 22

I returned to the hospital about 10:30 Tuesday night to send Travis home to get some sleep. Now that we are on the 8th floor, he has a private room...which means a nurse sticks her head in every few hours. No one to monitor Sam all the time. So, I grabbed a pillow and a blanket and settled in for a long night in his room. Having just spent 5 nights in the hospital when I was recovering from the C-section, I knew I would get very little sleep. Despite the fact that Samuel was asleep most of the time, people were in a out at least every 2 hours. Add to the fact that his monitor alarm would beep every time his oxygen saturation would slip even a number or two, and I was begging Travis to come back by 7 this morning. Luckily, he was awake before my SOS text arrived and he was at the hospital shortly after.

Samuel had an okay night. He has needed to remain on oxygen this whole time. For a while last night, he kept pulling his nasal tube out, so we switched to the blow-by oxygen. However, the flow was hard to keep by his face since he wiggles so much. This kept the monitor alarm beeping all night long. Luckily, I've been around this block before, so I had no qualms pushing that silence button all by myself. (I'm sure I'm becoming one of those moms that nurses hate.) They put the nasal tube back in this morning, and he's handling it better now.

The best guess from the doctors is that the pouch where Samuel's pacemaker was insterted is sore and it's causing him to not want to breath deeply. Just a little bit of oxygen makes his numbers stable, so it doesn't seem to be indicative of a big problem. They are hoping his discomfort will settle and he will be able to breath better soon. Actually, by late this afternoon, he was already doing better. They turned him down to just an 1/8th of a liter and he's handled it well. We can't go home without stable oxygen saturation levels, so this is kind of an important step. They will turn it off tonight and see how he handles it.

He has finally been able to get rid of some of the air in his tummy. Just in the 8 hours I was gone from the hospital today, he was markedly different. You can now see the outline of his pacemaker on his belly, whereas before it was all so distended that he looked like he was 9 month pregnant, popped out belly button and all! This seems to have made the biggest difference in helping him feel more like himself. He is content when he is awake and has started to eat better and more frequently. Again...all things that point towards us heading home. Go Sam! Way to fart, baby!

(Just an aside for my Gtown girls...who knew I'd ever spend so much time talking about bodily functions?!?)

They switched him over to a pain medication that we can take home with us. He seems to be more comfortable than he was the last 24 hours, so it makes me feel like it's under control now.

All in all, I am feeling much more confident about his progress since I returned this afternoon. We may need to be here a little longer, just so we can make sure he is all good. He better hurry up, though...We put Grandma back on a plane tomorrow.

Travis is going to be doing the overnight shift tonight, so hopefully the nurses will coordinate their tasks a little bit better and not interrupt them so much. It's going to be killer to get this poor kid back on any kind of schedule once we get home. But! What a problem to be worrying about after the last few weeks. This I can handle.

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  1. Yes, very surprised by the talk of farting!! So glad you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'll continue praying for you all!