October 20, 2011

Day 9

Day 9

After my crazy long night last night, I was anxious to get back to the hospital this morning. They reassure me every time I leave that they will call with any changes, but I always wake up wondering if he's really okay. After I pumped at home, I headed in. I knew rounds were later on Thursdays, but I needed to see for myself that he was still just hooked up to the little pacemaker and not on something more dramatic.

When I arrived, he was swaddled up and looked completely content with the world. They hadn't had to make any changes to his pacemaker and the nurse said he had slept most of the night. That was encouraging to hear, but I was still anxious to hear what the discussion would be during rounds.

When the team came in, I was bracing myself for them to say they were moving the decision date up. However, before they even got to talking about it, the cardiologist got excited about something he saw when they paused the pacemaker. (Something about a p-wave for those of you who are cardiac savvy) They decided to do another EKG this afternoon to see if they could get a better picture of what exactly was happening. They paused it again before they left and didn't see anything that time, so the excitement died down a little. After having been burned so recently, I kept telling myself to not get my hopes up.

The EKG was done a few hours later and still showed Samuel to be in complete heart block. We spoke with the doctors some while Travis and I were both there this afternoon to try and get a little more understanding of the heart and what we needed to see happen if we were going to avoid a permanent pacemaker. They are tentatively scheduling us for surgery on Tuesday, but still holding out hope that it will come back before then.

The cardiologist still hadn't seen the EKG results by the time I left. However, I was only about 10 minutes down the road when I got a text from Travis saying that the cardiologist had come in to pause the pacemaker and had seen conduction happening. While they are so careful to not get our hopes up, they said that it was "promising." The surgeon stopped by a little while later and saw the same thing and seemed to be encouraged.

So, maybe, just maybe, we are going to get to be one of those cases they keep telling us about. We have been on the losing end of so many statistics lately that it would be really great to land in the positive on this one. I can't wait to bring my baby home. Pacemaker, or no pacemaker, I am ready to be done with this particular adventure.

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