October 17, 2011

Day 6

Travis needed to be at work for a few hours this morning, so I returned to the hospital again bright and early. When I arrived, Samuel was sleeping peacefully and his room was quiet. The day nurse came in a few minutes later and said he had a very calm night. After staying awake for so long yesterday afternoon, I suspected he would have a sleepy night, and I was right. He would wake up to eat and then go right back to sleep. Other than having to replace the IV in his hand, they said they got to leave him alone most of the night. This rhythm to his day is so similar to what his schedule was like at home prior to the surgery...it's so surprising to me that he's already back in that mode. Babies truly are resilient little things.

Samuel woke up while I was talking to the nurse, so I got him out of bed to hold and rock him for a little while. The team came by to do rounds, and we are a much simpler case these days than we were last week! Basically, everything is returning to normal, beyond the need for a pacemaker. They stopped all IV medications and gave the ok to remove the central line. They put the IV in his hand last night so that they would have one available if they need it, but it's currently not hooked up to anything. In fact, after rounds, they even took the IV pole away. Immediately post-op, he had four of those surrounding his bed, and now we are down to zero machines, besides his vitals monitor. His monitor used to have like 10 different things they were watching, but now it's just down to 4. Amazing.

We even got the go ahead to try nursing again. He did okay, but not stellar. However, I have hope that we can continue to work on this and that he'll be able to learn to nurse effectively. I am SO tired of pumping. I set up an appointment with one of the lactation specialists here at the hospital for tomorrow, so maybe she'll have some tips. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be to try to nurse. He seems so fragile to me, even though he isn't even on any pain medication. I guess I'm actually more afraid of hurting the pacing wires than I am of hurting him! The nursing staff has definitely drilled it into our heads how careful we have to be with them.

The pacemaker conversation deadline is looming for us and it makes me a little anxious. I spoke with the doctors about it this morning and they continue to be hopeful that the different chambers of his heart will start communicating with one another again. They hold out hope for at least a week, and will probably give it up to two weeks post-op before they make any decisions. Unfortunately for us, this means we will be stuck in the CV ICU until he either comes off the pacemaker or they decide to insert a permanent one. Like one nurse said, they are basically very expensive babysitters for him right now, but he has to remain in the ICU while the pacemaker is active.

If he has to have a pacemaker....well, so then he has to have a pacemaker. It's not the end of the world and it's definitely something we can deal with. I hate the idea of having another surgery and going through this process again, but it is what it is. He is a champ and this hospital is amazing and it will all just be okay.

I'm going home in a few hours and Travis will take the night shift. It's been hard living this disjointed life between home and the hospital but we are getting it done. Luke has been in great hands and been going on adventures with Dad and Marmie during the afternoons I've been at the hospital. He's such a good boy and so funny these days. I can't wait to have all my boys back under the same roof again. They are going to have such a good time growing up together.

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  1. such awesome news! thanks for all of the updates! i am so glad to hear things are going so well!!