October 16, 2011

Day 5

It's been another good morning for Sam! Travis took the first shift this morning, and by the time I made it to the hospital this afternoon, there were even fewer things surrounding his bed. He lost two IV's and got to take the nasal oxygen off. He doesn't have to have anything on his face anymore. Soon after Travis and I switched off, they let me take him out of the bed and hold him. Because he is still using the pacemaker, we can't just pick him up whenever we want to. However, the nurses were super helpful in getting him in and out of bed for me so that I could have some cuddle time. He ate a bottle and took a little nap in my arms before they had to mess with him again. It was a good feeling.

I was with him from 2-10:30 this evening and he spent most of that time awake, so I haven't had as much down time in his hospital room as I did before. I'm feeding and burping and changing diapers, much like I would at home....just with a little nursing supervision. It's nice to hand off the really nasty diapers to someone else by claiming I'm too uncomfortable with all the wires. :)

There has been no change in his heart today. He's still totally dependent upon the pacemaker. So, for now, we continue to wait and see.

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