October 15, 2011

Day 4: A Good Day

Our day began with getting to feed Sam and has just gotten better from there. These are the kind of days I like to have. It's been a day of noticeable, tangible progress. The amount of things surrounding his bed has noticeably decreased. It seems every time I come in now, something else is missing. I really, really like that.

Like I said below, they continued to wean him off the high flow oxygen overnight and he handled it very well. So much so,that by the time we came in this morning, he was completely off it and just on regular oxygen. They've decreased that throughout the day and will most likely remove it entirely by tonight. His saturation levels have been 99 to 100% all day. Yay! This is one of those numbers that was always in the 80's for him before the surgery, so it's a readily noticeable change post-op.

His chest tube drainage had slowed dramatically in the last 24 hours, so they were also able to remove that this afternoon. I was at home for that part, but Travis said it was quick and easy. He now has no type of drainage tube left in him.

His heart function was about the same this morning when they came through on rounds. Dr. Maxey, the surgeon who did his repair, was not at all surprised or uncomfortable with what his heart is doing. Samuel's BP has still been flucuating throughout the day, but in a much lower range than yesterday.

He used to have three different poles that held all his different IV medications, but when I returned this afternoon, he was down to just one. He got his temperature probe removed...mostly cause I think they were tired of changing all the dirty diapers! Right now, he still has the patches on him that measure the amount of oxygen that gets to his skin, but they just ended a medication and if that goes well, those will be removed tomorrow. He still has all 3 IV's in, but I'm pretty sure they will take his central line out tomorrow.

All in all, today has been a good day. He's eaten 3 times today, and has been resting more comfortably. He's currently sound asleep and snoring a little. It's getting harder and harder to not be able to hold him. The more he looks like my sweet baby, the less afraid I am to touch him.

Things to pray for today:
-Continued improvement in his heart function so that we can come off the pacemaker
-Good bloodwork so that they can further decrease medications and remove different things
-Patience for Travis and I as we stare at monitors
-Rest and energy for the times at home
-Comfort for Luke as he deals with his world being upside down

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