October 13, 2011

Day 2 Update

As you can see from my last post, I went home for a few hours to play with Luke and get a break from the hospital room. Travis stayed with Samuel. While as I was at home, Samuel wasn't breathing as effectively as they would like to see, so they put him on a CPAP machine. This isn't a breathing tube, but more like an oxygen mask. He also spiked a fever of about 101. They gave him some Tylenol, but it hasn't come back down as of 9PM tonight. It's not completely unusual post surgery, but it is a little higher than they normally see. Because it's so soon after surgery, they aren't saying infection yet. They are just going to continue to monitor it (along with a zillion other things...).

His underlying heart rate came up another 10 points or so after they extubated, but the surgeon said he isn't convinced that both sides of the heart are "talking" to each other yet. Again, this is just another wait and see situation. Travis spoke with the surgeon, so it's been a while since they checked it.

They just came through with night rounds so I got to ask a few questions. His heart rate has been stable all afternoon. They are going to hold off on feeding him while he is on the CPAP machine because it's liable to make him throw up. He's been awake a lot and been producing a lot of dirty diapers...which I don't have to change! Right now, the biggest thing going on is with his breathing. In the last hour since I started writing, they've had to tweak his CPAP machine a lot and his saturation levels (how much oxygen is in the blood) have dipped once or twice. These aren't unexpected issues after coming off the ventilator, but it is still hard to watch.
I was excited this afternoon when the breathing tube came out, but it's harder than I thought to see him awake and squirming and I'm not able to pick him up to soothe him back to sleep. He just came through a little episode where he was awake and having some difficulties and it was killing me that I couldn't pick him up. He's asleep now and his levels look good again. I was planning on heading home soon, but I think I may be here a while. Whether it's a good thing or not, I'm slowly learning what all those numbers mean and I just don't feel comfortable with where he is at. That doesn't mean he isn't in capable hands...I'm just being a worried momma! I want to be back for morning rounds, though, so I eventually have to get some sleep.
Things to pray for tonight:
-That Samuel's heart function continues to improve
-That he is able to breath easier and deeper so that they can remove the CPAP tomorrow morning and he can eat
-That his oxygen saturation levels remain high and his respiratory rate lowers
-For deep, restorative sleep for Travis and (eventually) me


  1. I love you. This is really touching! You are not alone woman! Thank you for giving me specifics to pray for! You are a beautiful mom! Holding you, Luke, Travis, and Sam close to my heart throughout all if this! Muah! Ann-Marie

  2. Waking up with prayers for you little lamb. Love Grandma