October 23, 2011

Day 12: Roller Coaster.... of Love

I settled in for a long day at the hospital, knowing that Travis wouldn't be able to tag out until early this evening. He only took one Sunday off from work and was scheduled to preach this morning and lead Youth Group this afternoon. We have officially passed our expected date of departure from the hospital, and with that, goes the Marmie back to Tennessee and the Daddy back to work. We put out the call for reinforcements and Grandma Lori from Utah stepped up. She will be hopping on a plane in the morning and arriving for hospital Days 13-20. Hopefully, we won't be there that long, but if there is one thing I've learned about pediatric cardiology, it's that you can never really give any kind of accurate time frame about anything. So, who knows? We may be putting out another SOS on Day 21.

Today, while I was changing Samuel's diaper around 11:30, I glanced up and noticed that his heart rate monitor was going nuts. This usually precludes his heart overriding the pacemaker, but I was too skeptical to believe it. I forced myself to finish changing his diaper and tuck him back in before I dared to peek at the monitor again. But...when I did, it was there. His heart rate was in a sinus rhythm. All by itself. 

It has continued to go in and out all afternoon. It had gone for long stretches of pumping on it's own...but it's also had little hiccups of pacing and then some longer intervals of needing to be paced. I have absolutely no idea what any of this means. All I really know is that we will be in the CV ICU until his heart has gone without a pacemaker for something like 48 hrs or until we are a couple of days post-op from a pacemaker surgery. 

We are thankful for another day of getting to see that beautiful, uninterrupted green line...even if it doesn't stick around all night. Any time it shows up, it means there is still hope we can avoid the pacemaker. It also means we all need a huge dose of patience. And maybe one of those neck pillows to ease the strain from constantly looking up at the monitors. 

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  1. We're praying for Sam's heart to clip in to NSR on its own :) and for rest for you. Love you Amy & John