August 23, 2011

Family of Four

It's 2 AM and I am sitting in my living room, listening to my dog snore on the couch and timing contractions. I've been having them off and on since 5 AM yesterday, but it wasn't until about an hour ago that they started showing any kind of pattern. I am reluctant to say, "This is it." But maybe...just maybe it is.

I have done a terrible job of documenting the end of this pregnancy. Poor second child. Poor worn-out Momma who just doesn't have the brain power to grow a human, take care of a toddler AND blog about it all at the same time.

There goes another one. Only 5 minutes apart now. Guess it's time to go wake the husband.

Good LORD these are painful. Too bad I can't request my epidural ahead of time!
I just hope this is it.

Ed. note: It was it! Samuel Dean Norton. July 28th. 10:21 AM. 6lbs 10ozs. 19inches. Life forever changed.