July 19, 2010

Our Latest Baby Trick

I taught Luke how to clap this week. This was right before bedtime and he was a little slap-happy, as evidenced by the crazy laughter. I read on Becoming Sarah last week about how her daughter had started clapping and I thought to myself that I should give it a try. It took us a few days, but he caught on pretty quick. Now I'm trying to figure out what to teach him next...the possibilities are endless! Any suggestions? Potty training is probably not going to happen yet, right? But what about changing his own diaper? It could happen.....right? :)


  1. Too cute!! Nothing is sweeter than the joys of little ones. Are y'all coming to the reunion in September?

  2. Umm...since your profile isn't accessible, I'm assuming this is Laura Wasson?? :)
    I don't think I'm going to be able to come back. I have a wedding to go to the weekend before in KY, and life's harder to arrange with Luke. Maybe, though. It would be fun to see everyone.

  3. We are trying to teach Autumn to lift her hands above her head when we say "Praise the Lord!" There is a baby a few months ahead of her at church that can do it and it's so stinkin' cute!

    (It won't let me choose to log in with my wordpress account, but I'm Stephanie Parnell and you can find me at http://stephanieparnell.wordpress.com)