May 31, 2010

Poor, poor Henry

Remember this?

Well, I think it's cause Henry knew that one day, this was going to happen:

May 23, 2010

Fixin' Things

Hi all!
Just realized I had a few posts from earlier this year that I never pushed the publish button on, so if you are getting notices about posts from March, that's why! Sorry! I have all sorts of half-finished posts from the last few months that I've just never gone back to finish. If you need someone to blame, look no further than this guy...he is a demanding boss.

My goal for this week is to capture on film Luke's newest baby trick. He has mastered the Plank position recently in his quest to figure out how to stand/crawl. He does this perfect little baby push-up. I mean, he's really good. Doesn't stick his bum way up in the air like I am prone to do :) Plus, it's pretty adorable.

May 19, 2010

PW Book Signing

I always look forward to when the new Bloggies come out each year. They always introduce me to new blogs that I'd been missing out on (and bizarrely enough, let me vote for the girl who used to live down the street from me. Way to go, Kristin!). Last year, they introduced me to The Pioneer Woman. I quickly added her full RSS feed to my Google Reader and I've been hooked ever since.

A few months ago, my sister, Beverly, and I realized that we had a mutual love for all things P-Dub. When her new cookbook came out, my sister purchased a copy for herself and one for me. Since then, she's also indoctrinated our mom, who passed the love along to our other sister and family friends. We are officially a Pioneer Woman family.

When the Charlotte book signing was announced, I could literally hear Beverly's moans of jealousy all the way from Mississippi. My sister is one of those people who really gets into following celebrities that she likes. REALLY gets into it. (Just ask her anything about John Mayer. I dare you. She knows it all.) So, anyway, she was dying that I could go and she couldn't.

I really like Ree and enjoy her work, but I'm one of those people who would normally shy away from a social situation like this. I would never confront a celebrity under any situation, no matter how high my level of respect or excitement. I don't like bothering people....especially people who get bothered all the time. (This, unfortunately, extends to all areas of my life, not just the celebrity-sphere. I have a hard time talking to waiters, receptionists, clerks, etc. I once sat in a car dealership waiting room for 2 hours because I didn't want to go bother the serviceman at the desk...even though they had just forgotten about me and my car had been done after 20 minutes. Sigh. But I'd rather sit there for hours than "bother" someone. Aren't my neuroses just adorable?!)

However, my love for my sister is deep and wide, so I decided it was worth the possible mortification I would endure if I made an idiot out of myself and I made plans to go down to south Charlotte for the book signing. Ree is known for posting pictures of babies that come to her book signings, and my sister was certain that Luke would make the cut, especially if she made him some PW-inspired gear.

So Luke took a bath, donned his specially made onesie and bib, and got ready for his possible internet debut. He's a pretty cute kid, huh? I think so. 

That's Ree, way in the out-of-focus background.

Unfortunately, possibly because of my avoidance of these kind of situations in the past, I didn't know that we needed to get there HOURS ahead of time (possibly DAYS?? I never did fully understand how it all worked, no thanks to the Joseph-Beth's website *ahem*) in order to get a ticket. We ended up in Group S (as in out of the alphabet), and because Ree was so gracious and spent time with every person who came by, the groups took about 15-20 minutes to go through. So, even though the signing started at the totally baby-friendly hour of 6 PM, Travis and I did the math after watching a few groups go through and realized it would be well after 10 before we got called. Luke is a really good baby, but there was no way in the world he was going to be cute and personable, least of all awake, at 10PM. So, we snapped some pictures, took a video, and decided that was just as close as he was going to get to meeting The Pioneer Woman. Fortunately for us, he didn't seem to mind. He just wanted a bottle and was asleep before we made it back home. Don't take it personally, Ree!

However, like I mentioned...deep and wide. So I dropped of the baby and the hubs and headed back into Charlotte to wait for Group S to be called. I swiped the onesie and bib off Luke so that Bev's hard work could still be shown, even though I just new I'd get too nervous to really explain why I was carrying around a onesie with a picture of her husband's Wrangler-encased bottom on the back of it.

Finally, at 10:30, we were called and I clutched our cookbooks and my baby garb and got in line. I'll admit that I was really nervous about the whole ordeal. I'm not sure why. I shouldn't have been. Because even though she'd been at it for over 4 hours, she was lovely and gracious and laughed appropriately at the clothes. I really don't know how she did it. I would have been exhausted and cranky after that many hours of strangers talking to me, wanting things from me. But she didn't even show any cracks. Bless her heart.

Showing her the bib that says "Are you gonna eat your tots?" 

Smiling despite the fact that my baby had a picture of Marlboro Man's behind on his back earlier that day. That Ree...she's a good sport!

Mission accomplished. That better earn me a year's worth of brownie points, Beverly!