December 2, 2009

November recap

November has passed by in a blur, just another month that vanished before my eyes. We were pretty busy with birthdays, picnics at the lake, and Thanksgiving travel. All of which would be a good enough excuse for why I haven't written much, but if I'm completely honest, the real culprit is FarmVille.
The kids in our youth group started talking about it and I decided to see what it was...and poof! I got addicted, and any time I had on the computer went straight to plowing and harvesting and trying to figure out how to make my farm look as impressive as all my neighbors.
But here's some photographic evidence that we did have a good November.
We took the kid and the dog to Latta Plantation for a picnic lunch and short hike at the beginning of the month when the weather was still nice.
Then later, we took our first plane trip with Luke when we visited Travis' parents in Salt Lake City. I was a nervous wreck the entire week before we left. I kept imagining these awful scenarios where he screamed the whole 4 hour plane trip and how people in the adjacent rows started throwing their peanuts at us. In actuality, he was a great traveler and we had no more than 5 minutes of fussiness on all 4 flights, except for the very last 10 minutes of the last flight, when we got stuck on the tarmac at Charlotte Douglas...and really, I couldn't blame him. He'd held up his part of the bargain, and it wasn't fair to get stuck on the plane those last 10 minutes.
I cooked a turkey for Travis' mom using the foolproof* Alton Brown recipe that I swear by.

Luke apparently has developed my slightly shy/anti-social behavior and when confronted with an overwhelming amount of people, he just took a nap. I sometimes wish it were socially acceptible for me to do the same. (And I swear I didn't wear this sweater every day in November)

*Foolproof so long as you check the temperature accurately. I apparently did not, cause it was still a little undone in places. Oh, well. The first two times I used this recipe, it was perfect, so this was definitely a user error and not anything to do with the recipe. The cooked parts tasted good!

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