October 22, 2009

We've Kept Him Alive 7 Weeks!

Things I've learned in the last 7 weeks:
  • Babies make a lot of noise when they sleep...if they ever sleep
  • I couldn't ever have a baby without my wonderful husband tag-teaming it with me
  • It's possible to spend an entire 3AM feeding convincing yourself that said wonderful husband is mean and vindictive, when in truth, he's just asleep and doesn't have the necessary equipment to handle the job
  • It is indeed possible to spend an entire day in one chair
  • Baby smiles make up for bad diapers, extra laundry, sleepless nights (and days..), and sore boobs
  • There is a direct correlation between how much personality I have and how much sleep I've had
  • That if you don't put the diaper on tight enough, you can end up with a lot more laundry...his clothes, my clothes, blankets, changing table pad, and the boppy pillow cover
  • Babies don't like being put down. At all. For weeks.
  • That I would feel incessently compelled to check to make sure Luke was alive multiple times during the night for the first few weeks, and still occasionally feel the need to make sure he is breathing
  • Breastfeeding is really as hard/frustrating as people say it is
  • It's possible to go to the bathroom (and wash your hands) while still holding a sleeping newborn on your chest
  • That after all the work we did in getting the nursery ready, we barely spent any time in there in the last 7 weeks
  • Babies do come with a manual...at least if they are born in a CMC hospital
  • Dads have the ability to put together a completely unmatched outfit and still expect you to go out in public with your baby dressed that way
  • Despite the fact that Luke's clothes are a tenth the size of ours, my dirty laundry pile has increased 10 fold
  • You can eat, type, and do all sorts of things one-handed
  • I have the desire to punch people for touching my son without my permission
  • That I'd get incredible sick of hearing people tell me to "sleep when he sleeps"
  • It's hard to leave the house now
  • TV shows on DVD are a new parent's best friend. We covered all seasons of Mad Men, The Office, and Battlestar Galactica (well, Travis did, at least)
  • It really does get better and begins to feel like maybe it might be worth it all :)

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  1. Tori, these are fabulous!

    "It's possible to spend an entire 3AM feeding convincing yourself..." That is my favorite...I had the same thoughts nightly when I was nursing! Love you for saying it!

    "It's possible to go to the bathroom..." It's possible to do all this and more while nursing as well!

    "That I'd get incredibly sick of hearing people tell me to "sleep when he sleeps." Amen! I say do whatever makes you feel like a human being when he sleeps! Some days that's sleep...some days that's talk to an adult...some days that's the laundry...or my favorite, the uninterrupted shower (a very rare occurance around here, even now!).

    Thanks for doing this blog. I love it. Hope all continues to get better each day!