October 11, 2009

The Lost Month of September

Since October is a third of the way over, I guess it's probably too late to write a post about how the month of September just flew by. It's probably a safe assumption that I'm going to feel a very similar way about October. It may be safe to assume that's how I'm going to feel about the rest of 2009, actually.
In the 5 and 1/2 weeks since Luke was born, I have spent the majority of my days hanging out in our living room with Luke in some capacity or another. We set up our nifty Pack-n-Play with the bassinet and changing table attachments in the corner, so it's kind of like baby central. (If that thing had one of those water bottle attachments like you use with hamster cages, Luke might have never needed to get out of it. It's like the MacGuyver of Pack-N-Plays.) Up until this weekend, we'd been sleeping on the couch in shifts, so that we could easily access Luke during the night. Now that Luke is a mature 5 weeks old, and we finally had a weekend without any plans that might get messed up if neither one of us slept for 24 hours, we decided to try the whole crib/monitor combo. It's worked pretty well, so far.

While it's still nerve-wracking to put him down, flip the switch, and walk away, it is getting easier. For those first few weeks, we were still figuring Luke out. I really had no idea about how noisy a newborn could be while sleeping. The kid grunts and squeeks all night long.
And at first, I would pop up off the couch at the slightest sound, but over the last few weeks, we've been figuring this kid out. It got to the point where Travis was sleeping soundly on the couch during the night, so it kind of defeated the purpose of going out there. I never slept well on the couch, so it's been a relief to get back to our bed this weekend.
Of course, he still likes to sleep on someone the best.

Travis is really good about taking over during the non-feeding times when he's home from work and kicking me out of the house for an hour here and there. Never have Target and the grocery store been such exoctic locales. We've taken a few outings together with Luke, in what I considered practice runs for when I'd have to do it by myself. In the last month, I've not ventured out much on my own with Luke, beyond taking him to appointments and a few fast visits to church. The first couple of times I went out without Travis, I was a nervous wreck. I had to pysch myself up for at least an hour before hand, even when it was inevitable that I go to something like the doctor's. I just felt like I was leaving the house with an adorable time bomb and I had no idea when, or if, it would go off. And while I am getting to know Luke better and understand and anticipate what he's going to do, I still haven't made it out much. Partly cause I am still nervous, but partly also because it's just a lot more work to leave the house than it is to stay in and watch an entire season of the Gilmore Girls.

However, despite my deep and abiding love for those Gilmore girls, I really need to start getting the hang of leaving the house with an infant in tow. I'm working up towards taking Luke to church in the coming weeks, so I want to feel a little more capable before I have to handle him in front of all those people, who will be watching closely, of that I am 100% sure.
Hopefully, he will sleep soundly through it all. I doubt he'll be the only one in the congregation who does. :)

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