October 10, 2009

All Hail The Power of the Swing

Due to our extremely generous family, friends, and congregation, we are a well-stocked baby emporium. Before Luke was born, the only money we spent was on re-doing the bedroom and buying the furniture for the nursery. Now that he has been born, we've bought a couple boxes of diapers. That's it. Every single piece of clothing he has was given to us brand new or as a fabulous hand-me-down. I haven't even bought a pacifier or a box of wipes. We've gotten to use the car seat, stroller, pack-n-play, blankets, bathtubs, soap, and diaper bags that were given to us...and still there are at least 3 dozen other gadgets and gizmos in the nursery just waiting for this kid to get old enough to use them.
I've said it many times, but I seriously don't know how people get ready for a baby without being a pastor's wife. We are truly blessed.
With the last of the gift cards, Travis and I made the trek to Babies'r'Us yesterday to buy a swing. Luke is slowly emerging from the newborn stage where he did nothing but sleep and eat. He's spending more time awake, and will hang out contentedly for about 30 minutes at a time now. It's so fun to watch him checking out the world that we brought him into. However, along with the new awake contented time, there is the awake uncontented time. He's learning how to use his lungs and swing those mighty fists around in anger. And as funny as it is to see him voice his displeasure at all the injustice of being a baby who is well-fed, dressed, clean, and the center of the universe for at least two people, it's not so amusing when it stretches past that 20 minute mark. He likes moving and rocking, so we decided it was time to invest in a swing.
It works pretty well.
At least well enough to give me time to use both hands to type!

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