August 23, 2009

Dreaming of Jeans

Around 4 AM this morning, as I was laying in bed, trying to will myself back to sleep after getting up to pee for the second time already, I found myself fantasizing about hoodies. And long sleeved t-shirts that are too big but oh so comfy and warm. Wearing my brown leather belt again. Shoes that just easily slip on and off. Shoes that don't leave indentions in my swollen feet. And jeans...jeans that button AND zip up.
I spent a long time thinking about jeans.
I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.
I want this baby and cold weather to get here fast.
36 weeks
34 weeks versus 36 weeks

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  1. This is Phillip talking...
    We are getting extremely excited, Victoria! Well, technically-speaking, we were always excited, but there is something about those last few weeks. Hang in there!

    Just today I asked Melinda if she remembered being pregnant with Laura. She did...very clearly. But somehow in the craziness of the past year and the delight I get now from holding her and seeing her grow with Clare, I only have hazy memories of the time she was growing in the womb. Bottom line: you and Travis will be glad you've done this blog (and I imagine baby will, too, someday). As uncomfortable as it is, this is a blessed time.