August 23, 2009

Dreaming of Jeans

Around 4 AM this morning, as I was laying in bed, trying to will myself back to sleep after getting up to pee for the second time already, I found myself fantasizing about hoodies. And long sleeved t-shirts that are too big but oh so comfy and warm. Wearing my brown leather belt again. Shoes that just easily slip on and off. Shoes that don't leave indentions in my swollen feet. And jeans...jeans that button AND zip up.
I spent a long time thinking about jeans.
I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.
I want this baby and cold weather to get here fast.
36 weeks
34 weeks versus 36 weeks

August 6, 2009

You and Me

When I went to my first prenatal appointment, they handed me this packet full of information about vitamins, childbirth classes, pediatricians, lists of things to do and time lines to get them done in. I excitedly looked through the packet and then realized it was going to be months before any of it was even applicable. I practically glued the sheet of tips of how to deal with morning sickness to the fridge, and put the rest away in a drawer. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered the packet again, and realized I was kind of behind on everything. Apparently, I was supposed to be doing more than basking in the glory of a lovely second trimester.
I have had such an uneventful pregnancy up until this point, that I have been pretty laid back about most things. I've been having a lot of fun doing the nursery and getting that part done, but I just have been lazy about the rest of it. So, sufficiently ashamed, I dutifully picked up my packet and got on top of things.
I made appointments for the hospital tour, childbirth classes, and interviews with a pediatric clinic nearby. Last Sunday, Travis and I made the trek down into Charlotte to see the hospital where we will be delivering Baby Boy Norton in a few short weeks. Because the OB practice I've been using is a satellite clinic of a large Charlotte practice, we have to drive to downtown Charlotte to the main hospital for the birth.
The tour was pretty much what I expected it to be. It was most helpful just to get practice driving there and learning which door to go into depending on what time you get there. However, there was a moment, when we were standing in one of the labor & delivery rooms, that it all became very real to me. That one day, in the not so distant future anymore, that we will be in one of these rooms under vastly different circumstances. The nurse giving the tour was fielding questions and covering the basics of what happens where and when, while we checked out all the equipment and eyed the flat screen TV. (I'm totally packing every season of Gilmore Girls in the hospital bag to watch to "distract" myself. If I have to suffer, so does Travis.)
While giving her spiel, she made a special point to mention how many non-medical people would be allowed in the room at a time. (If you are curious, it maxes out at four.) And that was the moment for me. When I looked at Travis and realized, it's just going to be you and me doing this. Our parents are too far away, my sisters, my best friends, anyone I'd remotely think about letting in the room, even for a little while...they are all too far away. It's just going to be me and him. I had no grand plans to have a party in there, nor any real inclination to have anyone other than Travis in there to begin with. But still. It was a sobering moment...but in a good way.
You and me. We can do this.