July 9, 2009

New Camera and Week 30

Our snappy little red camera met with an unfortunate accident at camp two weeks ago. So, in preparation for the baby, we went ahead and bought a new one. It's a lot more high tech than our last one, so we'll see how big the learning curve is. I decided to play around with it in the mirrors this morning, cause it's raining outside and Henry won't get out of bed to be my test subject.

I'm still trying to figure out the camera...I don't mean to look so serious
Guess I should have cleaned the mirror first :)

Both this shirt and these shorts are not maternity...but it makes me feel better that I can still wear them (using the rubber band trick on the shorts, of course)

Look who finally crawled out of bed! I love that this camera has a "pet" setting and I can now take pictures of Henry without green eyes!

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