May 24, 2009

There Is A Disclaimer Involved In This One

DISCLAIMER: I am going to talk about boobs. And bras. Just so you know, it's going to come up. I thought it was only fair to warn you.

I was never one of those girls who longed for big boobs and I have no idea what it's like to pine for a bigger chest. In fact, I've never been comfortable with the size chest I do have. I've always felt like they just got in the way and made it harder to buy clothes. I was hit over the head by the puberty fairy in 5th grade, and I was NOT excited about it. I was embarressed by the whole ordeal...boobs and bras, attention from boys, and the fact most of my friends were still years away from it.

But despite my non-love affair with my boobs, I'd come to terms with wearing a bra a long time ago. Bras and I had a rough beginning, but we'd made our peace. Or so I thought.
Then I got pregnant. Based on the discussions I'd had with my sisters and what I'd read, I was already dreading what was going to happen to the size of my chest. I was expecting to gain a cup size or two, and deal with having to buy new bras every few months.

But no one ever warned me that bras would become the bain of my existance. I don't know, though, maybe it's just me. Maybe most pregnant women don't spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over just how little time they can get away with wearing a bra. Maybe they don't count the hours down until they are safe in the confines of their own homes (or even their cars) where they can shed the torture device that has become a bra.

I think I've had pretty typical results in growth, based on what I've read. Nothing drastic has happened, or anything. But about 2 months ago, it was impossible to make it through the day wearing an underwire. So those were the first to go. I tried sport bras, but they made my neck/shoulders hurt. I then unearthed a rare selection of wireless bras in a larger size. I thought for a while that I had hit jackpot. While they weren't very flattering, they were mostly comfortable.

Lately, however, even the wireless ones are turning traitor. I am quite aware (at least as much as I can be on this side) of what the ravages of breastfeeding and pregnancy can do to my body, and I know rampant bralessness won't help the matter. For now, I'm suffering through the hours I have to be in public as best I can, and living in tank tops with built in bras the rest of the time.

Have any other great suggestions for surviving the next 4 months?! My boobs and I will thank you.


  1. And my husband thought I was the only woman that hates bras!!! I shed mine as fast as possible every evening. Personally, I found that pregnancy is the main cause of drooping later, and breastfeeding or not makes little difference. I'd say shed the bras as often as you can (and definitely ignore the books that tell you to sleep in a bra!!) and keep getting big wireless ones in the meantime! -Katie Sumey

  2. For me, the size maxxed out as my milk came in and then things settled into a larger than normal but not ginormous state until I was done nursing. Have you tried nursing bras? Obviously you don't need them yet, but they're pretty forgiving/supportive in all the right places. I found some very comfortable wireless ones that I loved at Target that weren't too expensive! For after the baby is born, if you are nursing, you'll probably need them to be larger than you would need now...partly b/c of size, partly b/c of nursing pads. Anyway, just a thought. Good luck in your quest for the perfect bra...if there is such a thing!