May 7, 2009

Furniture and High Fives

After we congratulated ourselves, many times over, on a job well done on painting and chair-railing the nursery, the next step was to find a crib and some basic furniture.

We decided to not get expressly baby-oriented furniture, hoping to make a better investment that way. So this cute dresser from IKEA will double as a changing table.

And with the addition of some fabric boxes from Target, this IKEA bookshelf will hold books, toys, diaper paraphenalia, and all things baby. (Plus, I'd been eyeing this particular kind of bookcase from IKEA for a long time and am glad to found a way to justify the buying of it!)
Lastly, a fairly painless excursion into Babies 'r' us yielded us this sturdy crib. We didn't want to go overboard with the white furniture, and I think this natural wood color looks really good with the green.
Henry thinks it's worthy of a high five.

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