April 19, 2009

Let the preparations begin!

I swear this picture looks like I am sticking my stomach out to make myself look pregnant. In fact, I didn't know why Travis was taking this particular shot. But as you can tell, I look huge and Travis got a kick out of it. I don't think I look this big normally, but the bump is undeniably there.

Fridays are the day that we both have off from work, and usually the most productive for us when it comes to house work. Last weekend, we started cleaning out the back bedroom we had decided to turn into the nursery. It's been mostly a catch-all room. It had a bookcase crammed full of my books, a desk from Travis' old apartment, my desktop computer from college, and a twin bed. The closet was full of empty suitcases and random things we hauled all the way from Montana, only to stuff into a closet.

After going through the closet and drawers, half of it got thrown away, and the rest sorted for Goodwill and garage sales. It took a full day and it seem to barely make a dent.

This Friday, we moved the bookcase to another room, and then put the rest in the garage. Since we were on such a roll and the room was now empty, we went to Lowe's and began the somewhat arduous task of picking out paint colors together. We ended up with two different colors of green, and deciding to add a chair railing.

This is the first home improvement project we've undertaken as a joint effort. So far, things are going pretty good. We got the room primed, and the bottom half done by tonight, so I'm calling it a success.


  1. Yes ma'am! You are showing now!

  2. Congrats you two! We are so excited for you. I love the way the room is looking. I painted Elliot's room two-tone green just like that just before he was born. So fun!