April 4, 2009

16 weeks

Friday marked the beginning of the 16th week. For the most part, things have stayed the same in the last few weeks. I'm still feeling good. I'm not so tired anymore, and I haven't had any morning sickness in almost a month.

I've been on Bump Watch for the last week or so because my clothes have started to fit differently. My body has changed shape noticeably in the last two weeks. You can't tell very well from the picture above, but it's like all the weight I used to carry in my love handles has moved to my belly. So, from the front I actually look more narrow, but from the profile, my belly has started to stick out. My normal clothes still fit and I'm hoping that things stay relatively the same for the next few weeks...just long enough to get into warmer weather. I really would like to only have one season's worth of maternity clothes instead of having to straddle two.

I still haven't gained any weight, at least from what my semi-reliable home scale says. I lost a couple of pounds during the first trimester, but have seemed to stay the same for the last 3 weeks or so. I'm going to the doctor next week, so we'll see what their scale says. I'm not really worried about it, since I am sure it will eventually catch up with me. I'm eating normally now, trying not to give into the "I'm pregnant so I can eat any and every thing in sight" syndrome. Since the morning sickness has abated, I just eat when I'm hungry and leave it at that. Travis has been on me about not gaining any weight, but I think it's really because babycenter.com says I could try drinking a milkshake a day in order to help gain weight...he just wants an excuse to have that much ice cream in the house. :)

Looking at the profile pictures from the last couple of months, it's so weird to see my body changing, especially knowing that I haven't gained weight. Normally a belly like the one I have now would have me worried, but instead, I find myself checking it out all the time.

We are going to the doctor on Wednesday for our first ultrasound. We might be able to tell if it's a girl or a boy, but it just depends. Either way, I can't wait to see this baby!

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  1. Hi! My name is Katie and I am originally from Helena, MT - Pastor Travis married my husband and me a couple years ago. Congrats on expecting the baby!!! Don't worry about the weight gain at all - although the charts are a cute little line, most people I know don't start gaining until about week 23-25... and almost everyone gains like 10-12 pounds in the last 2-3 weeks!