March 23, 2009

Picture Time

We've been taking picture every few weeks, mainly because I can't tell any difference and I actually lost weight during the first 3 months. We'll step it up and do it more regularly once I start showing more. All my clothes still fit normally (alas, except for my bras).

8 Weeks Along

11 Weeks Along (no change that I can tell)
14 Weeks Along (Maybe a little bump?!)

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First Trimester

So, I had great intentions to write about this pregnancy from the very beginning. Maybe it's because of my personality, maybe it's because I've had friends go through tragic pregnancies, maybe it's just a totally normal reaction...but I was honestly too scared to push the publish button again after that first time. I had a hard time believing this pregnancy was real and that it was going to be ok. Even when I was so nauseous I couldn't see straight, I was just too nervous to leave a record of it because...what if?

But! I am officially out of my first trimester now. Two weeks ago, we heard the strong, rapid heart beat of our baby, and our doctor said that we'd passed the biggest milestone so far. So, I'm trying my best to be optimistic and stop worrying so much.

I haven't felt nauseous in about two weeks, for which I am supremely thankful. Beyond a few episodes, I never really threw up much. However, the almost constant nausea was maddening. It was so hard to eat, even though I knew it would make it easier. We chose not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until after the first trimester, so I was having to keep quiet about why I was so green all the time. Now that I am feeling better, I forget about being pregnant again.

I've been comparing notes with my sisters and my mom about their pregnancies, and for the most part they had uneventful ones. I'm hoping I get to be as lucky.

We'll have our first ultrasound in April, and I can't wait. I want to see this baby! Maybe then I'll finally believe it. :)