February 10, 2009


When I was a little kid, we moved from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, to a small town in Tennessee. We moved into a great neighborhood. The kind with big trees that almost met in the middle of the street, a big field in the back to play baseball in, and big yards to play in. There were kids the same age as me and my little brother all over the place. One such kid was Kristin.

I recently found her blog through her facebook page and have been catching up on life since high school. We chatted about Guatemala a few months ago, and I made the mistake of linking my blog...even though I am a total slacker and haven't updated since my birthday...3 months ago.

So, if you are here via Camels & Chocolate, I make no promises to get any better....but all the Guatemala posts (back when I did a better job in writing regularly) are from 2004-2005, tagged Guate. Enjoy!

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