September 1, 2008

Doing Some Mending

Today I will be traveling into Charlotte for Round Three of a job interview. Rounds One and Two consisted of a preliminary phone interview and an hour long face-to-face interview at their facility. Today I will be heading back in to observe and shadow for two hours. If things go well today and they still like me, I will then come back for another session of salary negotiations and signing of contracts.
It's a very intense and complicated process for a part-time job. A part-time job at a Swim School*, where, if I am lucky enough to survive the interviewing process, I will be coaxing toddlers into putting their whole head under water and teaching them the basics of swimming. A Michael Phelps training camp it is not.
I know there are many valid and wise reasons why the hiring process is so long and drawn out, but it does seem a little absurd to go through all this when they haven't even asked if I knew how to swim yet.

Alas, however crazy the whole thing may be, I'm still going with the mind set that I want this job. After spending less than a month looking for a new job, I am already reminded of just how hard it is to find a good job in today's market. As simple as the internet makes sending out your resumes, it makes it harder to know where you stand. I've sent out at least 50 resumes in the last couple of weeks and barring a few rejections letters and phone calls, I have no idea what has happened to the rest of them. It's frustrating.

Right now, it looks like I may be settling for patching together two part-time jobs to make it back up to the salary I have currently. I've never tried to do that before, but I'm willing to give it a try if it will help me get a schedule that is more compatible to the life I want to be leading right now.

I have another interview with an after school program at a nearby church tomorrow. This was the job that initially got me interested in taking a part-time job, but I've had to wait a while for the interview. It's close to home, runs only in the afternoons, and has the same breaks as the school schedules so holidays aren't a problem anymore.

Both the after school job and the swimming job make me feel like I'm not living up to my potential, but I've finally told myself to just get over it. If living this patchwork life makes me happier, my marriage stronger, and increases my ability to minister with Travis, why in the world would I not chase after it?

So wish me luck!


  1. Saw you on K's site (better now) and I am from NC too! Just wanted to stop in and say a friendly hello! :)

  2. Hi! I found you on K's blog (better now) and wanted to stop in and give a friendly "hello!" because I am from NC also!! :)