September 17, 2008

Doctor Blues

Sorry to keep you in suspense. The doctor's appointment yielded very few results, the main one being a heightened sense of frustration. I tried to be a good patient. I came prepared with a complete medical history, including pre and post-op x-rays so he would know where I came from and where it went. I filled out my paperwork thoroughly and gave as much detail as I could in the little spaces. I tried to convince myself that he would be a good doctor who would be willing to listen to my case and understand that I wasn't looking for a quick fix.

But none of that helped. I was a ball of nerves and tangled tongue. When I tried to talk to him when he came in, I kept getting off the rehearsed script I had in my head. And as soon as I gave an opening, he started in. He disagreed with the diagnoss I got from the Mayo doctor right off the bat, and I was so surprised, I just shut down. He talked and prodded, and then tried to sell me on getting orthotics made. I've done orthotics. Many times. Some worked a little, some made no difference. I told him that, but that was still what he wanted to do. So I said ok. I'm willing to try almost anything. I had and still have very little faith that his magic orthotics are going to make any difference whatsoever, but so long as my insurance is paying for it, I'll try them.

In the end, it was a ridiculous office visit. He never saw me walk. When he disagreed with the diagnosis I had, he never gave another explanation for the pain/issue. He didn't even understand until AFTER he'd made the molds for the orthotics that it's only an issue in one foot and not both feet. And the real clincher for me? As he walked out the door, his parting line was, "Don't worry. We'll get you fixed up!"

Blah. It's so hard finding a new doctor.

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