August 19, 2007

How Changed My Life: Part One

Three weeks from today and I will be married.

I know the posts have been few and far between this past year. And what a year it's been.
Of all the years of my life to not document, this one will probably be the one I regret.
A year ago from today, I hadn't even met Travis yet. We had exchanged a few short emails. Look how much life can change in such a short time.
Insane. Unexpected. Surprising. Incredible.
I can hardly believe any of it.

A year ago from today, I was working at the Ranch in Montana. I literally turned my world upside down with my work schedule. I'd go into work at 11 PM, and go to bed at 10 AM. My schedule was erratic and wore me out. They did such a horrible job giving us any continuity with our schedules, that my entire life lacked any kind of routine beyond always fighting to keep the sun out of my bedroom window (Finally tried aluminum foil. It was genius. Tacky as hell, but did a beautiful job of turing my sunny bedroom into a cave).
It was really no surprise, given my work schedule and location, that I'd been living in Montana for four months and had no social life even on the horizon. I barely even had a friend.
So, I did what any one would do...what any one else would have already done. I took matters into my own hands. And I paid for friends. Or at least for the opportunity to have some.
The $30 I paid to seemed ridiculously high for what seemed to be a long-shot at meeting people. But I thought it might be worth it if the internet would bring a social life to my inbox. I'd dabbled, half-heartedly in internet dating before. Never doing anything beyond what they let you do for free. But after 4 months of Montana loneliness...well, you begin to rethink things.

Internet dating in Montana, especially far Northwest Montana, is kind of a joke. There were literally 10 guys who lived within a 50 miles radius of me. I'm not making that up. Most of them were in the 49-50 miles away range at that. And all of them were complete and total losers. (At least they appeared to be on paper. I shouldn't judge. Sorry.) They were wild and lonely mountain men who apparently hadn't seen a razor in many a year.
I received and sent a few emails and "winks." Nothing really happened with any of them. But if nothing else, I was entertained by the whole affair. It gave me something to do and something to look forward to during those long summer weeks. After a few weeks of failed conversations and dead-ends, I started talking to a guy who lived in Washington. It was interesting...this whole long-distance "dating" thing. In the end, it just didn't work. He was a nice guy, but there just wasn't any spark for me. He was friend material, but I already had enough long-distance friends.
And this is the part of the story where it almost didn't happen.
During the first weeks of my talking with the Washington guy, this other guy sends me an email. It's cute and funny, and catches my attention. And even though I feel a little guilty, I check out his profile and pictures. He's a cutie. And a pastor. A cute pastor. Who lives 3 hours away from me in the other direction (Montana is great and all...but seriously, it's just a little too big to be practical).
I felt conflicted. Here was this potentially great guy contacting me, and yet...I felt obligated to see what would happen with Washington guy. If there was one thing I'd figured out about internet dating, it was that I could only handle one email conversation at a time. So, reluctantly, I sent the cute pastor on his way.

Shortly after this occurred, it became obvious that Washington guy and I were not at all combatible. So I ended that and decided to close out my account. Internet dating may work for some people, but it just didn't seem to be worth spending any more money on.

But always, at the back of my mind....the cute pastor. Maybe? Could it possibly work? Would it be worth it?

Turns was.

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  1. Hey, you! Just stopped by to check in, and I'm thrilled to read all this! But I want Part Two!!! :)

    Good to see you are so happy.
    Take care.