May 15, 2007


Hi. Um. I am SOOOO behind on posting.

Here are some updates:

-I quit my job at the Ranch. I was bitter and angry about what was happening there. It hurt my ways I am still leave those girls. It was a hard decision, but it was the right one.

-Since I quit, I moved to Helena, so that Travis and I wouldn't have to do long-distance any longer. I don't like living in Helena, but it's fabulous to get to see Travis every day.

-I did temp work for a while. I hated it.

-I took a job working at a bakery. It was fun for a while. Now, it just makes my feet hurt and gives me a new appreciate for how hard it must be to find reliable workers. Some of the people I work with....sheesh.

-I got engaged.

-Yeah. I got engaged. :)

-We are moving to North Carolina.

-My life is pretty much perfect.