August 15, 2006

Going To The Chapel...

I got married last night...or maybe it was early this morning.
The details are still a little fuzzy at this point.
But regardless of details, I am absolutely certain that I got married.

It was all a dream of course, and not the first time I dreamed of getting married, but it was, by far, the strangest getting-married-dream I've ever had. Usually in those kind of dreams, everything is super fuzzy and I rarely remember/recognize what people were wearing or where I am or who it is I am actually marrying. That's the part I am always interested in; the groom, I mean. What usually happens is that I remember all the details right up until the actual walking down the aisle part, so I never see his face. Or it's like his face is all blurred out and it's impossible to know who he is.
But last night's dream was chock full of details and people and places I recognize and a groom I knew. The setting was a church in my home town. Not the one I usually go to, but one that I've at least been in. And my sister was there and other members of my family, although I don't remember seeing my parents. My dress was gorgeous, although I don't know where it came from. I mean, I've never seen it on someone else. And the funniest part is that I remember going into the bathroom during the reception and admiring it like I was consciously recognizing that I loved this dress and I wanted to see all the details my imagination had come up with.
And get this! When I turned around to look at the back of it, it had a back low enough to show the purple rose tattoo I had on my back. A purple rose tattoo. On my back. What the hell? And I'm not talking about some delicate little was at least the size of my hand. On my back. And it was purple! Weird...
And it just got weirder. The groom? Well, he is a guy that I know...but only by sight. I don't think I've ever spoken to him. He is a guy that married into a family that goes to my church at home, but in my dream, he was the son to this family...not the son-in-law. So, in my dream, his real-life wife was his sister. Creepy, huh? And to top it off, he's probably close to 10 yrs older than me, and I don't even find him all that attractive. But when my imagination needed a groom, he's the one it came up with. There was this whole thing in the ceremony about becoming part of this family and getting hugged by the dad and being told I was now his daughter. In my dream, I was fine with it, but now, it's just strange because I really do know this family and the father, and I can't imagine being part of their family. They are super rich and their kids ran in a completely different crowd than I did in high school. Not to mention that they only have daughters and no son to marry!
There are tons of other details that aren't worth repeating, but vivid nonetheless. I woke up this morning and just started laughing.
Yesterday, I was looking into buying my plane ticket to Kentucky in November for my college roommate's wedding and I guess that was the fodder for this particular dream. But I have no idea where most of the details came from or why I picked this certain family to marry in to. Who knows?!

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